Tromavil – Lopez’s Birthday & the Beginning of Fall

Since the 20th of last month, a lot has happened! Lopez celebrated another year alive with all his friends in Tromavil. He’s in good company with 8 other deer villagers & our honorary deer friend Stitches.

I’ve been noticing that in those days we had a lot of rainbows, in fact, there were tons of double rainbows to enjoy just before the grass, shrubs, and trees started changing a shade of green. They now have a little bit of a yellow tint to them making them lime green & I think they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, with the hot days of summer now in the past, nearly every day has been a downpour. Thunder, lightning, & strong rains have been hitting all three towns, but that’s OK, I love the gyroids we find the day following!


Striped Bow!

I have a shirt that happens to have stripes & a bow up front so I thought I would make it for my town. The colours are slightly different, rather than navy blue like my shirt, it’s purple (my favourite colour!)


Cordero: Birthdays & Bug-Offs!

This last month we’ve had a lot to celebrate! We’ve had fireworks celebrations every week, Wendy’s birthday, & the Bug Off. We had a great time at Wendy’s & Mayor Lana decided to bust out her moves.

Lana also spent some quality hide-n-seek time with the sheep girls of Cordero just before a sudden visit from Punchy, my sweet lazy kitty.


Finally, I’ve been having trouble with Willow’s home for QUITE SOME TIME. I’ve tried to send her furniture, as is obvious, but…look at what she does with it. It’s not even facing the right direction! Girl, you are a mess!

Happy Home: Cheri’s Room for Juicing


I could have gone overboard with the fruit-themed furniture but I thought I would just add a little bit of fruit here & there throughout the house & kept it fairly green instead. After all, just because you want a healthy lifestyle & you love fruit doesn’t mean you want to have floor to ceiling fruit themes, right? Well, I did think the little orange rug outside as a welcome mat was a cute touch!