Backpack Buddies & Tumbler

My cup came in from GameStop! These are no longer sold in stores but fortunately I could still get one online & it’s really cute. Meanwhile, I noticed a markdown on the backpack buddies at GameStop. They’re random unfortunately, but I lucked out & got three new buddies. Right now of the set I am only missing KK & Blathers.

HHD – A Home for Monique!

I wanted to post this a few days ago but unfortunately either the city or another cable company accidentally cut our line so we’ve been without Internet for a few days. I finished up Monique’s house. She wanted a home with stained glass, but she got a home a little more gothic (or rococo) than that.

Doubutsu no mori


This is how I spent the later evening when we got back from downtown (which is totally packed for the 4th of July). It was a nice relaxing time re-watching this movie! Now I’m currently trying to get some more PWP suggestions in Cordero!


More AC merch pics!


I heard that there were buy one get TWO deals at Toys R Us on AC amiibo but was saddened to find out that it didn’t apply to the cards. I got a couple packs regardless & because I have terrible luck every card in my series 2 pack was a double. Series 3 & 4 yielded better results. I really wanted Bam! I’m trying to make sure I get all the deer & I am getting close to having all of them. I also ended up getting Static & Margie! They’re both so cute! This will really help me out if I decide to change up villagers in the future or…start a fourth town.

Anyway, I’ve long since run out of room in my small Animal Crossing card binder, so I went out & got more collectible card sheets for another binder & I’ve been organizing my cards.

I also found a few buttons I got from the artist JustDuet/Duetlol. I wish I had picked up more from her!

Amiibo Cards!

I’ve been organizing my collection again (& again). The deer, cats & sheep all go up front representing each of my three towns, & from there I have them organized chronologically.


I’ve been using the Nintendo Animal Crossing Amiibo┬ásite to catalogue my cards & it’s got a really handy spreadsheet you can download after marking down your collection. Anyway, I think I might put my doubles up for sale or trade in the future (they’re not free, sorry!)

For a list of the Amiibo cards I have (not the extras) see: MyAmiibo

More PWPs in Tashiro!


While Tromavil was just celebrating its fourth year, over in Tashiro I’ve been tweaking the look of the town a bit. The lighthouse has moved from the northeastern corner of town to the southwestern corner overlooking the beach and waterfall where Wendy used to live. We miss Wendy in town but still get to see her often since she moved to my third town, Cordero, to be closer to other sheep.

This morning at 7am, or maybe just shy of it, we celebrated the completion of the windmill in the northeast. Very few of my villagers were actually awake but they still managed to join in the party! That means I have 30 projects again, so I am knocking a few down & moving them to different spots around town and out of the way of paths I’ve since put down.

Over in the northwest corner I’ve cut a few trees and replaced them with fruit while knocking some random fruit trees over around town. I’m trying to be a little more symmetrical in some areas as far as my tree planting goes, but for the most part they’re still here & there for the impact they have during the cherry blossom season. I’ll update with more pictures soon once the other two PWPs are demolished and relocated in town!