Happy Home: Cheri’s Room for Juicing


I could have gone overboard with the fruit-themed furniture but I thought I would just add a little bit of fruit here & there throughout the house & kept it fairly green instead. After all, just because you want a healthy lifestyle & you love fruit doesn’t mean you want to have floor to ceiling fruit themes, right? Well, I did think the little orange rug outside as a welcome mat was a cute touch!


Happy Home: A Trophy Showcase for Curt

Looking at Curt’s MVP shirt, maybe I should have made his room look a bit more the way you might expect a high school student’s room on One Tree Hill or something that says gaudy trophy room, but instead I went with a nicer office look where he had a few trophies here & there, some certificates & a desk. He’s a champion AND he gets down to business.

Maybe I’ll redo his room. I still haven’t decided!

Happy Home – Purrl & Sylvia

Every time I open up Happy Home, I completely intend to scan my Katrina card & design a home for her, but then I see villagers I like who are in need just wandering around town & how could I possibly say no to them? How could I let Purrl’s dreams and prayers go unanswered? That’s my girl! So there you have it, I made a home for Sylvia who wanted a place for kids to play, & Purrl wanted a cozy home for her kotatsu. I really wish I had a kotatsu…

The final picture of each set above includes the QR code if you’d like to visit my home designs!

HHD – A Home for Monique!

I wanted to post this a few days ago but unfortunately either the city or another cable company accidentally cut our line so we’ve been without Internet for a few days. I finished up Monique’s house. She wanted a home with stained glass, but she got a home a little more gothic (or rococo) than that.