Tromavil – Lopez’s Birthday & the Beginning of Fall

Since the 20th of last month, a lot has happened! Lopez celebrated another year alive with all his friends in Tromavil. He’s in good company with 8 other deer villagers & our honorary deer friend Stitches.

I’ve been noticing that in those days we had a lot of rainbows, in fact, there were tons of double rainbows to enjoy just before the grass, shrubs, and trees started changing a shade of green. They now have a little bit of a yellow tint to them making them lime green & I think they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, with the hot days of summer now in the past, nearly every day has been a downpour. Thunder, lightning, & strong rains have been hitting all three towns, but that’s OK, I love the gyroids we find the day following!


Tromavil: Erik’s Birthday!


Yesterday, the 27th, marked Erik’s birthday! We’ve celebrated it a few times in town & I hope that we celebrate it together many more times! We got him a few aqua items – a backyard fence, an aqua polka dot tank, & a table lamp! For a quick cheat sheet on the sort of items Erik prefers, check Thonky’s birthday guide for Erik.

Four Years in Tromavil!


We made it to four years in Tromavil! Admittedly I’ve not been there all four years but we’ve come so far together since I took over. It was a little surprising to come out of my house during a thunderstorm & have Isabelle lead me to the town plaza for the celebration. Even though it was pouring, we all managed to smile & throw streamers. Fauna, Tromavil’s newest resident, made an appearance too! She might be a new villager but she’s still a beloved part of the Tromavil family.

Later on this week while taking Erik to my house we found the pitfall. It’s OK. I’ll take that hit for my villagers. Erik’s concern was a nice thought but it didn’t help me out of my hole.

Tromavil – The Bug Off!


Today marked an important moment for Nerdo in Tromavil! The mayor finally got the golden net after completing the encyclopedia. A little background on Tromavil: originally this game belonged to my former roommate, NerdJosh, but like many people I know, he played it less & less & I ended up taking over the town for him. Since then, Tromavil has gone through a LOT of changes. It’s what I like to consider a ‘forest town,’ & I focused on getting my favourite Animal Crossing species in the town – deer! Stitches is currently the only non-deer villager in my town. I love him so much though so how could I ever have him leave? He’s basically my son!

Tromavil – Hydrangea in Bloom!


Finally the hydrangea are in bloom! These are the main shrub I have planted all over Tromavil because I really love the way the blue pops amidst all the green. Pretty soon I’ll be updating my dream address for the town since I love its look. I don’t know about anyone else but I generally build my towns for a particular season: Tromavil is designed with the summer months in mind, Tashiro is designed for that ten day span when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, and Cordero is being designed for both spring & summer.

I know I could account more for winter months because they’re so cute, but I like the look of all my towns in the winter too!

Apart from the season, I took a few pictures of one of my older QR designs! I can only do so much to make the bedroom look like the May Ship, after all, this is Animal Crossing, not Guilty Gear. Still, I tried to make Guilty Gear XX May’s dress. There’s very little skin to the QR but it is light. I may update it to account for multiple skin colours in game (after all, my most played characters all have a darker skin tone in game). When I do, I’ll certainly update my blog with the QRs. For now, the old May design can be found in the QR dress section.

Tromavil – Zell’s Birthday!


Yesterday was a special day in Tromavil – it was Zell’s birthday! We made sure to get him a few of his favourite things including a grape stripe tee & a pink velvet stool. If you’re looking to impress your villagers on their birthdays, I think there’s no better guide out there for birthday gifts than the one at Thonky which has been updated to include Welcome Amiibo characters.

Happy Birthday, Zell, you don’t look a day older!


Meanwhile, I’ve been getting the sense since Deirdre moved in that there was a budding romance between her & Lopez. Although Deirdre lives in the northern section of town, I more commonly find her in the southern area near Lopez. I think he’s trying to court her through me or maybe I am just trying to play town matchmaker!

Tromavil – A New Shirt

Because Cordero & Tromavil are two days ahead, it’s already June. That means I’ve had to update my wardrobes accordingly so that my villagers are not sweating. I just made a little childish deer tee for my villager, 4GK.


Well, heck, thanks for the compliments Lopez! I’m glad that I had at least one fan of the new design! I tend to keep deer sweaters & shirts in my shop so that my deer villagers can rock them. I also have sheep sweaters & cat sweaters in my sheep & cat towns respectively.

OK, so maybe I go a little ham.

The QR for the shirt can be found in the tees section here