My Birthday! Celebrations in Tashiro


This November we celebrated my birthday on the 4th! I can’t say autumn is the cutest season in a town  like mine that is especially pink, but my cats are super cute!



One year ago


Looking back on my birthday in November of last year. What good friends I have!

More PWPs in Tashiro!


While Tromavil was just celebrating its fourth year, over in Tashiro I’ve been tweaking the look of the town a bit. The lighthouse has moved from the northeastern corner of town to the southwestern corner overlooking the beach and waterfall where Wendy used to live. We miss Wendy in town but still get to see her often since she moved to my third town, Cordero, to be closer to other sheep.

This morning at 7am, or maybe just shy of it, we celebrated the completion of the windmill in the northeast. Very few of my villagers were actually awake but they still managed to join in the party! That means I have 30 projects again, so I am knocking a few down & moving them to different spots around town and out of the way of paths I’ve since put down.

Over in the northwest corner I’ve cut a few trees and replaced them with fruit while knocking some random fruit trees over around town. I’m trying to be a little more symmetrical in some areas as far as my tree planting goes, but for the most part they’re still here & there for the impact they have during the cherry blossom season. I’ll update with more pictures soon once the other two PWPs are demolished and relocated in town!

Tashiro – Updating Areas & an OOT


Since Wendy moved, a corner by the waterfall has been an unpopulated mess of flowers & while I know my town is generally just that – a mess of flowers – I wanted to move some public works project to the area to give it a little more form.

Of course, I already had 30 public works projects which meant I had to knock one down to get my list started again. At the moment, I am thinking about moving the lighthouse to the waterfall area because what better place than overlooking a cliff near the ocean and beach.

I’m not certain what I will put in place where the old lighthouse was located (northeast section). In fact, I’m not sure if I even have the windmill on my list of PWPs since I no longer have an uchi villager & I really am not a fan of the uchi cat villager in game. Can we get more cats please? PLEASE? Can we get more Sanrio-themed cards with a cat villager?


Things haven’t been all work in Tashiro. A few days ago we had a visit from my favourite Animal Crossing streamer Sugar. Check out her website & her Twitch channel 


Tashiro – The Bug Off!


The Bug Off kicked off today in Tashiro & it was especially competitive. Felicity was trying to bring her A Game a full day in advance. Dress like a butterfly? These are pro-strats even if she is trying to be caught rather than to catch someone. Wait, who does Felicity want to catch her? Is it Bob? Purrl? Honestly there are so many cat villagers the possibilities are endless. Maybe it’s Mitzi – she did seem concerned that Mitzi might move.

Apart from possible romance, Rosie tried to shoo me away as I was trying to catch a bug that she apparently had her eye on. I chased a dragonfly across town & surprised Diana by catching it. Maybe it wasn’t the most pleasant surprise for her, I was too afraid to ask!

Finally, to answer Felicity’s question: Cats do eat leaves! Of course, I have to make sure if she’s going to chew on any that they aren’t toxic to cats. We wouldn’t want Felicity to get sick!