Cordero – Fireworks Celebration


It’s the first fireworks celebration of the year, & the first one for Cordero! After a few attempts at Redd’s stand, I managed to get the lovely phone for the house. I wonder why you can’t refurbish that item but you can with the rest of the lovely series. Anyway, I got a few prizes but I sent most of them out to my villagers. I hope they loved everything!

Cordero – Cloudy, Rainy Days


It’s that time of year when some days are just so rainy. I think if I remember correctly the final days of June are spent with severe thunderstorms. Today there was no thunder & lightning, just rain, and it rained in all three of my towns making it impossible to get a dragonfly for one of my villagers. Whoops!

Soon enough, my latest public works project will be complete & I’ll be updating Cordero’s dream address! I hope it won’t be raining when I decide to do just that!

Cordero – Warm Weather, New Projects


It’s a lazy summer (OK, almost summer) day & Pietro has been finding various tree stumps & taking a break.

Later, we all got together & celebrated the building of the new tire toy. I wanted to make sure that Punchy was there at the celebration since it was his suggestion, & the toy is even built near his home! It adds a bit of colour to the area though I am wondering how all this will look come winter! Still, who says we can’t change the look of town to go with the season, right?

The dream address for this town Cordero is 4C00-006E-12C2 & now I am trying to remember if I updated my dream before or after the tire toy was built.

Cordero – Wisteria Trellis (Finally)

Yesterday Muffy finally suggested the wisteria trellis which was one of the major PWPs I’d been hoping for & today was its unveiling! I had it a little farther back than I originally wanted but Isabelle was insistent that otherwise it would have been too close to the streetlight. It still is in a nice place I think!


So there is a story behind why the top two images are clearly a different celebration of the wisteria trellis. It’s not that I forgot to save but my GAME FROZE which I’ve never had happen before. I felt incredibly tight to have worked so hard in my town & have all that work lost. Well, I certainly made sure to save regularly after that happened!

Just after building it, Willow had some great things to say about our new PWP. I agree with her, she is pretty just like the trellis!


Later this same day I found Muffy on the private beach. Normally I don’t see villagers there unless there are trees during hide & seek (which is why I don’t have trees on the private beach) but there she was. I swam over to her & immediately began to express my concern as to how to get her back to her home, after all, she didn’t have a suit! How can she be expected to swim across? Actually, how did she even get there in the first place?

Cordero – Rainy days & a new PWP


First of all, I have to say that Muffy should be pretty flattered. I’m glad she’s realized that this town, or at least its mayor, is pretty gay. I probably didn’t mention this but last week Stella came up to me blushing about how great she thinks I am. Soon afterward, I got her picture. I might be wearing a Willow-inspired dress but is Stella x Mayor the OTP?

My friends in Cordero also helped celebrate our latest public works project – the log bench! It’s not a dream come true but I am adding items slowly but surely so I can maintain a balanced town & perfect town status. What I am really hoping for is the wisteria trellis. Come on, Muffy, don’t you want to suggest that ASAP? I guess  not, because today she instead suggested the scarecrow.

Honestly I wouldn’t be opposed to someone suggesting the fairytale streetlights either, but alas that’s yet to happen either. It’s OK! We’ll get there!