Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!

This game came out while I was in New York, only shortly after the release of Ultra Sun & Moon & wow, I still managed to play the heck out of it as well as my three towns AND go do very tourist-y New York stuff. It’s so fun, but the time limits as your level increases do hold it back a little.¬†IMG_3407

Here I am pictured with Peanut jamming out. We’re singing to bugs I caught for her. Yeah, I don’t really know why either.


More Amiibo cards!


I updated my Amiibo card list again. Slowly but surely filling out my collection! Thank you so much to a friend, Elly, from whom I bought much of series 1 recently. She helped me get so many missing cards! Paul’s luck was awesome too & I got Drago & Tangy today!

I haven’t updated much not because I’m not busy in my towns but because I am going through my SD card & deleting my pictures off it. I ran out of space on both my 3ds & 2ds in the same week. Whoops!