More Autumn in Cordero

& two new villagers!


Both Elaine (Laine, the French for ‘Wool’) & Cashmere moved in after Inkwell moved. Elaine’s working hard at starting a library in town! Soon it will include a small computer lab for all of Cordero’s most studious sheep!


More Amiibo cards!


I updated my Amiibo card list again. Slowly but surely filling out my collection! Thank you so much to a friend, Elly, from whom I bought much of series 1 recently. She helped me get so many missing cards! Paul’s luck was awesome too & I got Drago & Tangy today!

I haven’t updated much not because I’m not busy in my towns but because I am going through my SD card & deleting my pictures off it. I ran out of space on both my 3ds & 2ds in the same week. Whoops!

Conversations in Cordero

I had to laugh so hard at Pietro’s name for me. What even is that? I think that maybe I might call myself that IRL. Meanwhile, Pete is struggling out here trying to carry all the letters I send to my villagers. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve attached furniture to each. Pete’s gotta be swole by now, right?

I can’t tell you how hungry this conversation made me. I definitely plan on making some fluffy garlic mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving from scratch! I’d make some for Stella too.

I finally got Pascal to come through for the scallop I caught! What did he even give me in exchange. I can’t remember but I’m sure I sent it over to Tromavil where the mayor has a ship-themed room. Pascal always offers a piece of wisdom with his furniture. Is it true that he’ll put a fish with his other fish? I bet he actually eats them.


Lastly, we FINALLY got Katrina in our town! Cordero’s been open since the Spring so it’s nice to finally have Katrina moving in. Oh gosh, that reminds me, while Katrina is moving it, Bruce is in boxes TODAY on his way out. We loved having you as a neighbour and a friend, Bruce. Fortunately, if I ever need you back, I have your card in my trusty Animal Crossing card binder.