Amiibo Cards (Doubles)

I’m back! I know it’s been a minute. Two weeks ago I had problems with the Internet after a company accidentally cut our lines and just last week I was getting ready for my trip to Vegas for the Evolution Championship Series! I’ve been going regularly since 2010, & prior to that I just couldn’t afford nor could I justify the trip out there, especially when Guilty Gear wasn’t on the main stage. Now that it’s made its return, I’m happy to go & support my friends. I took photos of Guilty Gear pools & finals this year that can be found on my Flickr.

OK! That has nothing to do with Animal Crossing so onto the main reason for this blog post. I have been organizing my doubles into a stack that I plan to send (in parts) to SugarCoatedKiss‘s Amiibo card shop. She’s a great streamer & supporter of Animal Crossing & has built a wonderful, kind community. Her prices on Amiibo cards are also incredibly reasonable especially considering how many people are trying to sell individual cards for $20 or more! She also regularly has giveaways you can enter on her stream for Amiibo cards. Definitely check out her site & give her a follow (& subscribe) on her Twitch stream.

Above are my extras. Of course they’ve accumulated over time but Toys R Us has had a sale going on recently that caused me to get several packs in the span of a week & wow, that sure made my stack of doubles even thicker! Still I am on the lookout for Zucker, Midge, & Stitches.


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